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Jacobs awarded NJ Transit microgrid project

New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ Transit) has chosen Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., to carry out design and general engineering services for its NJ Transit microgrid project.



NJ Transit’s $577-million project aims to construct a microgrid that will provide dependable power for core transit infrastructure, supporting rail systems operated by the transit system and other operators along the Northeast Corridor. Representatives say the microgrid will be engineered to supply “resilient” power in critical situations, such as when the area’s electric grid is affected by storms or other events.

The contract terms specify that Jacobs will provide owner’s engineering services including regulatory and economic advising, conceptual and preliminary design, procurement support, contract packaging for the procurement of design-build contracts and construction assistance to support the microgrid project’s development.

“We are very pleased and excited to partner with NJ Transit in developing this unique project,” said Randy Pierce, Jacobs’ senior vice president buildings and infrastructure. “The NJ Transit [microgrid] is set to make a tremendous difference in the lives of the commuting public during the times when they need it most when events disrupt New Jersey’s critical infrastructure, isolating the local population from their jobs, families and other important services. This project continues to advance NJ Transit’s leadership in resiliency and recovery.” 

The project’s design elements include a natural gas-fired power plant and associated substations, transmission and distribution lines connecting to substations that electrify the tracks and operating controls for critical portions of the NJ Transit and the Northeast Corridor systems, as well as connections to the PJM commercial grid.

Original author: Kyra Senese, assistant editor


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